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Delina Darusman-Gala photographed in the grounds of the Powerhouse Museum for the Faith, Fashioin, Fusion Islamic Australian womens fashion exhibition.
Delina Darusman-Gala

In recent years there has been a surge of interest in online faith-based and modest fashion through online shopping, social media (Twitter and Facebook) and blogs. Although this phenomenon is a global one, an emerging distinctive voice and aesthetic can be observed here in Australia.

The domain of the blogger has become a particularly powerful one. Apart from commentating on ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ and driving new trends, fashion blogs have become prime real estate for advertising.


Influential fashion blogger Delina Darusman-Gala discusses her unique sense of style and how she became interested in blogging with curators Melanie Pitkin and Glynis Jones

Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog?

Delina: ‘MuslimStreetFashion’ is basically about Muslims and their street wear, a bit of my life, how to wear your hijab different ways and where to get clothes from. It also features shops in the Muslim community, just to help out the Muslim community.

How would you describe your personal style?

Delina: I would describe it as quirky, personal, what I feel like on the day.

Who are some of your fashion influences?

Delina: From the Muslim side there is Yuna – she’s a singer, musician and also Hinata Joum, she’s a designer.

What inspired you to start a blog?

Delina: All my friends used to ask me where I purchased my clothes from, so I decided to setup the blog to help them out. I also wanted to let people know that Muslim women can be stylish as well… I started the blog in June 2010. I was up one night, it was about 12 o’clock and I said to myself ‘I am going to start this thing’, so I started, and from then I haven’t looked back.

Are you getting approached by designers and retailers to promote their clothing?

Delina: I’ve got quite a few approaches. I get a lot of emails now, recently I got one for this new swimwear label called ‘Modest Sea’. It’s Muslim swimwear and it’s really different to what you see now. It’s really cute and girly… I have also had people from websites asking if they could put their advertising on my blog – this is really exciting.

What are some of your favourite shops and designers?

Delina: Delina: I’m really loving Mimco and Hijab House. Australian Designers would have to be ‘Muhsinah’ (my friend Wasiela), she’s an upcoming designer and I love her stuff, but international designers would have to be ‘Maysaa‘ Hana Tajima, Dina Torki-o I could go on!

What are some of the challenges of having a blog?

Delina: Some of the challenges are getting permission from people before posting anything up, and finding something before anybody else finds it so you can be the first… It is a bit hard blogging around the family because I do have an almost 2 year old who likes to run amok. I mostly blog late at night when he is asleep so I stay up and then I realise it’s 3 in the morning, but that’s the only time I can do it.

Do you have any plans to move into other online events?

Delina: I recently worked on a hijab tutorial course and makeup course… I’m also starting a wedding hijab thing soon.

Delina Darusman-Gala holding a sign with upside-down text saying 'Quirky!'
Delina Darusman-Gala

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