Timeline of The Beatles Australasian Tour

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5 July 1963

Concert promoter Kenn Brodziak in London makes a verbal agreement with agent Cyril Berlin to tour The Beatles for £1000 per week


14 October 1963

Fee for The Beatles’ Australasian tour increased to £1500 per week


23 November 1963

Fee for The Beatles’ Australasian tour increased to £2500 per week


January 1964

Disc jockey Bob Francis organises petition for Adelaide


15 March 1964

Brodziak tells Bob Francis that Adelaide is to be included


13 April 1964

Tickets go on sale in Sydney and Melbourne


20 April 1964

12,000 tickets go on sale in Adelaide and sell out in five and a quarter hours


22 April 1964

Australian High Commissioner Sir Eric Harrison throws a cocktail party reception for The Beatles at Australia House, where they sample Tasmanian apples


Wednesday 3 June 1964

Ringo is taken ill with tonsillitis and pharyngitis and is rushed to hospital. Jimmie Nicol is summoned to rehearse as a stand-in.


Thursday 4 June 1964

Beatles depart London for Copenhagen

Rehearsals with Jimmie Nicol at Tivoli Garden

Concert in Copenhagen, Denmark


Friday 5 June 1964

Fans engulf the stage during a mimed performance on Dutch TV

Beatles are paraded through Amsterdam’s canals in a boat


Saturday 6 June 1964

Concert in Blokker, Netherlands


Sunday 7 June 1964

Beatles travel from Amsterdam to London airport, where they pick up John Lennon’s Aunt Mimi

Board flight for Hong Kong, with stopovers in Beirut and Karachi


Monday 8 June 1964

Stopovers in Calcutta and Bangkok. Arrive Hong Kong.


Tuesday 9 June 1964

Two concerts in Hong Kong.


Wednesday 10 June 1964

Beatles depart Hong Kong for Australia


Thursday 11 June 1964

2.35am Unscheduled landing in Darwin greeted by 400 fans and journalists

7.43am BOAC flight lands in Sydney; in pouring rain, The Beatles are paraded around the tarmac on the back of a truck to greet the fans

4.30pm Press conference at Sheraton Hotel


Friday 12 June 1964

Beatles fly to Adelaide.

12.05pm Motorcade under police escort to Adelaide Town Hall. 300,000 people line the route.

12.45pm Town Hall balcony appearance.

Two concerts at Centennial Hall, Adelaide


Saturday 13 June 1964

Two concerts at Centennial Hall, Adelaide


Sunday 14 June 1964

12.15pm Beatles leave South Australian Hotel for airport

Ringo Starr and Brian Epstein arrive in Sydney from San Francisco and fly to Melbourne

3.15pm Beatles arrive at Essendon airport; 20,000 people on route to city

Approx 4.10pm Beatles arrive at Southern Cross Hotel and are reunited with Ringo

Balcony appearance to 20,000 people

5pm Press conference with Ringo and Jimmie


Monday 15 June 1964 (public holiday)

8am Jimmie Nicol leaves for Essendon airport to fly to Brisbane, then London

12.30pm Beatles attend EMI Records reception with buffet luncheon

2.15pm Presentation by National Fan Club

Two concerts at Festival Hall, Melbourne


Tuesday 16 June 1964

12.30pm Lord Mayor’s reception, Melbourne Town Hall

Two concerts at Festival Hall, Melbourne


Wednesday 17 June 1964

Brian Epstein addresses the National Press Club lunch in Canberra

George Harrison goes driving in an MG in the Dandenongs

Two concerts at Festival Hall, Melbourne


Thursday 18 June 1964

9.10 Beatles depart Southern Cross Hotel for Essendon airport

11.40am Arrive Sydney

Two concerts at Sydney Stadium

Daily Mirror hosts 22nd birthday party for Paul at Sheraton Hotel


Friday 19 June 1964

Two concerts at Sydney Stadium


Saturday 20 June 1964

Two concerts at Sydney Stadium


Sunday 21 June 1964

9.30am 10,000 fans at Sydney airport watch Beatles’ aircraft leave for Wellington

Arrival in Wellington; 7000 fans at airport

Press conference and balcony appearance at Hotel St George


Monday 22 June 1964

Two concerts at Wellington Town Hall


Tuesday 23 June 1964

Two concerts at Wellington Town Hall


Wednesday 24 June 1964

Arrive Auckland, 300 fans at airport

Two concerts at Auckland Town Hall


Thursday 25 June 1964

Press conference, Lord Mayor’s reception

Two concerts at Auckland Town Hall


Friday 26 June 1964

Arrive Dunedin

Two concerts at Dunedin Town Hall


Saturday 27 June 1964

Arrive Christchurch; press conference

Two concerts at Majestic Theatre, Christchurch


Sunday 28 June 1964

Fly Christchurch to Auckland; depart Whenuapai airport, Waitakere, Auckland

9.35pm Arrive Sydney; transfer flight to Brisbane


Monday 29 June 1964

12.08am Arrive Eagle Farm airport, Brisbane

8,000 people at Brisbane airport; some youths throw eggs

Morning: press conference at Lennon’s Hotel

Two concerts at Festival Hall, Brisbane


Tuesday 30 June 1964

George and Paul drive to a Gold Coast beach

Two concerts at Festival Hall, Brisbane


Wed 1 July 1964

Early drive from Lennon’s Hotel to Brisbane airport

Fly Brisbane to Sydney; more interviews at Sydney airport

12 noon: Depart for London on Qantas


Friday 3 July 1964

The Beatles arrive home in England to be greeted by 100 fans