Sydney Observatory
Night sky photo of Horsehead Nebula
Image: Geoff Wyatt

Southern Sky Livestreams

Broadcasting live from the Sydney Observatory, and starring a new guest astrophysicist each month, tune in to see the night sky through Sydney Observatory’s telescopes.

Our guest astronomers will journey through multiple visible, deep-sky targets in our Southern Skies highlighting nebulas, stars, planets, distant galaxies and more. Each astrophysicist will also touch on their own research and areas of astronomy expertise.

Friday 16 July – Rami Mandow

A 2021 Sydney Observatory resident and leader in astrophysics and space technology community. Rami is also the Founding Director / Editor of

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Saturday 21 August – Ambassador Karlie Noon 

Tune in to hear from the Gamilaraay astrophysicist and STEM superstar Karlie Noon for her final livestream as she signs-off as the 20/21 Sydney Observatory Astronomy Ambassador.

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Past Events

Friday 11 June – Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith

Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith is an award-winning astrophysicist and the Australian Government’s Women in STEM Ambassador. Lisa’s research investigates the birth and death of stars, colliding galaxies and cosmic magnetic fields.

Sydney Observatory Southern Sky Livestream Special Event Total Lunar Eclipse May 2020

Sydney Observatory astrophysicists Dr Sarah Reeves, Dr Andrew Jacob and ambassador Karlie Noon takes you through the Moon’s movements as we witness a red supermoon, live from the Sydney Observatory telescopes.