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Amateur Astronomy

Sydney City Skywatchers

Sydney City Skywatchers is a friendly astronomy group for locals. Once known as the British Astronomy Association (BAA), 2015 was the 120th anniversary of this active astronomy club. Skywatchers has been associated with Sydney Observatory for over 100 years and is an affiliated society of MAAS.


The group meets on the first Monday of each month at Sydney Observatory. They start at 6.30pm and conclude around 8.30pm.

Meetings involve a guest speaker and astronomy-related presentations from members. For a program of upcoming speakers, see the Skywatchers website.

Bookings are not required to attend. There is a fee of $2 for members and $5 for non-members, allowing a light supper to be served.


Annual membership of Sydney City Skywatchers is $40 for an individual, $65 for a family.

Non-members are welcome to attend two meetings before deciding whether to become a member. You can join Sydney City Skywatchers at a meeting or take home a membership form.

Citizen Science

There are increasing numbers of citizen science projects available for you to participate in, even if you have little or no scientific background. All you need is a computer and an interest in contributing to scientific research. Beyond that, the projects will give you the information you need to participate.

A good place to start is Zooinverse, a portal that has a range of popular and reputable citizen science projects across the fields of space, climate, humanities and nature.

For more information please see Sydney City Skywatchers