Sydney Observatory Residency Program
Stereograph of 'The Full Moon'
2020/3/1-2/39 Photograph (1 of 41), stereograph, 'The Full Moon', paper / card, photographed by John Adams Whipple, Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America, published by Rose Stereograph Company, Australia, c.1910- c.1912

Stefan Gregory

Composer and theatre maker Stefan Gregory will develop an opera about space exploration, drawing from a mythological perspective of humankind’s attempts to reach the moon. Gregory will research historical stories and objects from Sydney Observatory to inform the composition, focusing on the poetic, mythical and allegorical narratives that arise. This research will inform an alternative mythology of space exploration in the opera, championing women and others who have been written out of historical scientific narratives.

Gregory is an award-winning composer for film, theatre and dance. Gregory has a unique perspective on composition, with style ranging from orchestral to minimal electronic, from dirty electric guitars to delicate chamber instruments and voices. He has written music for esteemed theatre companies across the world and been commissioned by The Australian Ballet and Queensland Opera.