Sydney Observatory Residency Program
two bronze metallic vase-like forms
Shireen Taweel – Devices for Seeing 2022. Image by Shan Turner-Carroll.

Shireen Taweel

Multimedia installation artist Shireen Taweel will research the history of migration using celestial navigation among diverse cultures that have developed methods of navigating by the night sky. Taweel will investigate the Sydney Observatory collection of astronomical and celestial objects, navigational and time keeping instruments, and objects of cultural exchange. She will respond to these objects with a new body of work that questions what celestial navigation of space looks like in the 21st century through the lens of migration. 

Taweel is a Sydney-based artist drawing on the personal experience of being Lebanese Australian living between cultures. Taweel investigates how the physical spaces within her community reflect a complex cultural landscape of transformation expressed through hybridity and plurality.