Sydney Observatory Residency Program
Map with movable cardboard planisphere
85/176 Planisphere, movable, cardboard, used at Sydney Observatory, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, made by J Jones, published by E Whitehead & Co, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, c.1850-1860

Devika Kamath

Stellar astrophysicist Dr Devika Kamath will intertwine her research into the cosmic origins of chemical elements in the universe with the history behind these elements on Earth, focusing on radioactive elements such as radium and polonium which Marie Curie discovered. While continuing her research into the uncertain physics of stars and demystifying their alchemy, Kamath will also unpack their diverse cultural significances throughout human history.

Dr Kamath is also a senior lecturer in astronomy and astrophysics at Macquarie University. She is internationally recognised for her pioneering work on observational spectroscopic studies of rare dying stars and their implications on the origin of chemical elements in our Universe.