Shape 2017 Video Conference

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Enjoy a captivating illustrated 10-minute keynote address from the designer, taking you inside the design studio to unpack their design practice, process and projects. Share in the reflections of an experienced HSC TAS examiner which match selected aspects of the presentation to high mark range outcomes.

Industrial Technology (Multimedia) interview with Brad Wenban, senior game designer for Riot Games [37:37]
Bradford Wenban is a senior game designer at Riot Games, in Los Angeles. He is well known for designing the characters for the computer game, League of Legends.

Textiles and Design interview with Kit Willow, the founder of label KitX [26:23]
Founder Kit Willow continues to pursue her love of creation in harmony with her passion for nature with the birth of KitX. Launched in store August 2015. KitX strives to be a pioneer in design-led, sustainable and ethical fashion.

Design & Technology interview with Lucy Klippan, visual designer at Design Out Crime [22:35]
Lucy is a visual designer, holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UNSW Art & Design and a Masters of Design from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). She is a design researcher at the Designing Out Crime design research centre, based at UTS. Designing Out Crime uses design methodologies for social innovation, tackling complex problems such as crime, mental health and community safety.

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