Creative Industries Residency Program
Rosie Deacon in her studio. Image: Ken Leanfore
Rosie Deacon in her studio. Image: Ken Leanfore

Rosie Deacon

“I guess I’m quite a silly person a lot of the time. I think my choice in materials and big interest in craft, still in that area of a lot of materials that maybe children would use but making it on a bigger scale. Growing up in central west NSW where art and craft was always really fun. You know, a big group of Christmas craft activities, decorations and making things from recycled materials with my mum and walking around the farm with my grandmother finding little sticks and little seedpods that look like willy wagtails. Making like that and just wanting it to be very open and inviting to people. You can get it sort of straight away. You can feel the material and what it’s made out of.”

– Rosie Deacon.

Rosie Deacon is an artist working predominantly in video, sculpture and installation. Deacon uses easily accessible materials and what may be described as ‘everyday junk’ to create pieces that blur the lines between contemporary art, craft and jewellery practice. Deacon repurposes everyday materials such as synthetic eyelashes together with things like acrylic paint, expanding foam, jewels, glittery stickers and clay. The mash-up of a diversity of materials affects the meaning of the work and how an audience may interpret the idea of the artists’ process.

Rosie has created a series of making programs for the Powerhouse, inspired by her Koala Train installation, which was unveiled at Powerhouse Ultimo as part of the Summer program in December 2020.

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Rosie Deacon, Powerhouse NSW Creative Industries Resident. Image credit Daniel Boud
Rosie Deacon, Powerhouse NSW Creative Industries Resident. Image: Daniel Boud.