Creative Industries Residency Program
Photograph of artwork - The Wake, 2014—16, mixed media
Image: Courtesy of the artist and STATION, Melbourne and Sydney, The Wake, 2014—16, mixed media. Photograph by Saul Steed


“For me, art is a two-way mirror onto life and death. And what more can you ask than that?”

– Nell.

Nell’s practice is multifaceted and interdisciplinary, in which the production of small, intimate objects is just as likely as the creation of immersive installations or performances. Her artistic practice also encompasses painting, sculpture, music, video, wearables, collaborations, community projects and public art. Regardless of the material outcome, Nell’s work explores thresholds of binary opposites, such as the ancient and contemporary, individual and communal, feminine and masculine, sacred and profane. From an Australian vantage point, Nell uses the language of art history, popular culture and spiritual traditions to amplify the tensions or marry the differences between these binary positions so that new objects are born. Nell’s aim as an artist is to create simple, universal and accessible works that connect with people and spark a sense of wonder, curiosity, contemplation and joy.

Across two decades, Nell’s work has been included in over 250 exhibitions in Australia and abroad and are also held in public and private collections in Australia and New Zealand. She has undertaken residencies in Rome, Beijing, Canberra and Sydney.

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