Creative Industries Residency Program
Installation by Kelly Doley showing various political posters on fluorescent backgrounds. Image supplied by Kelly Doley
Kelly Doley, Things Learnt About Feminism, installation view 2014-2016, 52 x 60 cm, ink on 220 gsm card, 95 pieces, Laurence Wilson Gallery, Perth, ACCA Melbourne, Boxcopy Brisbane. Image supplied by Kelly Doley

Kelly Doley

“Each square is intricately and individually designed using sign-writing techniques, repetitive graphics and decorative motifs. Drawing on the tradition of mourning quilts; large handmade textiles to express and commemorate both personal and community grief, ‘In Memory’ is a meditation on the complexity of grief, the inevitability of change and the ongoing process of life.”

– Kelly Doley.

Kelly Doley is a visual artist whose practice encompasses drawing, painting, performance and curatorial projects informed by the lineage of feminist and queer art and activist practices. She has a current interest in working with hand-painted signwriting and slogans influenced by her father’s occupation as a commercial set painter. Through collaboration, performance and studio processes informed by feminist and queer theory, Doley’s recent works explore perceptions of the future, conversations as artworks and alternative pedagogical models. Most recently she has exhibited for Unfinished Business: Perspectives on art and feminism at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (Melbourne), Thinking Business at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery, MUMA Art You Can Wear project and NGV Design Store (Melbourne). Kelly is a founding member of artist collective Barbara Cleveland.

As a resident of the Powerhouse, she developed a commission titled ‘In Memory’ for Bus Projects, in 2021. Additionally, she is developing her practice of sign-writing, researching techniques and archives in the Powerhouse collection as well as holdings of political posters and hand-painted signage in the archive.

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