Creative Industries Residency Program
Installation of rums and drum sticks at the ceiling of the gazebo on Observatory Hill by Anri Sala for Kaldor Public Arts. Image supplied by Julian Wessels.
AnriSala - Kaldor, Image supplied by Julian Wessels

Julian Wessels

A sound designer by trade, Julian has spent the last three years working with cultural institutions to deliver stunning audio content throughout NSW and Australia. Recently working with Jonathan Jones in his newest installation for the Asia Pacific Triennial at QWAGOMA. Untitled (giran), is a striking 48-channel soundscape that incorporates over 2000 separate sculptures in a mesmerising sonic field. He has worked with institutions to bring collections to the public in new and innovative ways, most recently with 80Hz, a collaboration between architect Thomas Wing-Evans and the DX Lab at the State Library of New South Wales. 80Hz is an outdoor sound pavilion that saw 40 of the Libraries paintings from their collection transformed into musical compositions. In a uniquely hands-off approach to composition Julian created a program that took the metadata associated with each painting and used that metadata to generate each composition. He has also worked with the War Memorial, The Art Gallery of New South Wales, The Waltzing Matilda Centre, Kaldor Public Art Projects and the National Museum of Australia to create podcasts, audio tours, and immersive audio installations.

In 2020, Julian was inspired by a glass plate negative in the Powerhouse Collection to debut a new sound work for this year’s Earfest 2020 festival.

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Julian Wessels, Powerhouse NSW Creative Industries Resident. Image: Daniel Boud