Creative Industries Residency Program
A woman sitting in a landscape and two award logos. Image supplied by Filmmaking Collective.
Still of a movie by Birdland Films. Image supplied by Filmmaking Collective.

Filmmaking Collective

The Filmmaking Collective is made up of three award-winning companies: Four Leg Films, Bistro and Birdland. The collective consists of multi-award-winning duo Chris Thompson and Alex Barnett from Four Leg Films, producer Elliot Clifford of Bistro, and writer and director Kerinne Jenkins, of Birdland. On a day-to-day level they are writers, producers, directors and editors who are working across multiple drama and documentary projects that are in different stages of completion from development to post-production. One of the key aspects of their current practice has been collaboration; constantly working together on giving feedback, helping with development, testing new technology, crewing on each other’s productions and giving general support as they have forged their careers in the arts.

In 2020, the Filmmaking Collective have been working together to explore ways to support emerging and mid-tier filmmakers.

Learn more about Four Leg Films, Bistro Productions and Birdland Films.

Kerinne Jenkins and Chris Thompson of Filmmaking Collective, Powerhouse NSW Creative Industries Residents. Image: Daniel Boud.