Creative Industries Residency Program
Brux performing live. Image supplied by Electronic Music Conference
Brux live. Image supplied by Electronic Music Conference

Electronic Music Conference (EMC)

“EMC is at the core of the culture of electronic music in the Asia Pacific. The world of electronic music is fast paced, highly competitive and always evolving. Through constant change and new challenges, we believe it’s more essential than ever to come together in the offline world to share our insights, inspirations, challenges and visions for the future.”

– Electronic Music Conference.

Electronic Music Conference was founded in 2012 as a two-day conference focused on the growth of the electronic music business globally. Since then, EMC has grown to an annual program which includes an Artistic Program (EMC Festival), an Industry Program (EMC Conference and EMC Connect), and a Night Time Economy Program (Global Cities After Dark). The culture of electronic music is at the core of EMC’s practice, and through this lens the programs reflect the social and cultural changes occurring, not only in Sydney but throughout Asia Pacific.

In 2020, Electronic Music Conference began working across a suite of digital outcomes, translating their postponed 2020 large-scale conference into online performances, interviews and demonstrations with local and international talent.

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Jane Slingo of Electronic Music Conference, Powerhouse NSW Creative Industries Resident. Image: Daniel Boud.