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Image: Lisa Villani, Counter Magazine issue #2 in Mud Australia store
Image: Lisa Villani, Counter Magazine issue #2 in Mud Australia store

Counter Magazine

Counter Magazine peels back the tough, taboo and beautiful topics of food that you won’t have read about in your weekly cooking rag.

Taking the pulse of our times, Counter Magazine brings into focus the stories behind food — from Australia to the globe,

and from the land and sea to people and places in urban and rural locations.

The spirit of the magazine and approach to food journalism is summarised by the word ‘counter’. As a verb, it indicates a reaction to something that moves in an opposing direction; as a noun, it is a platform where we serve, eat and enjoy food.

Counter Magazine is independently produced in Sydney and printed in Melbourne twice a year. It was founded in 2019 by celebrated chef Daniel Johnston, editor/researcher Kate Cox and opera language coach Tanja Binggeli.

The team has grown to include designer Sally Parsons and journalist Eden Rose Faithfull.

Each issue explores food through complex, future-focused and age-old themes, appreciating the fundamental ties between humans and how and what we eat.

Counter Magazine uses a combination of long-form journalism, essays, interviews, photojournalism and the occasional recipe. It brings together a wide range of experts and practitioners from arts to sciences, and journalists to food producers.

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