Creative Industries Residency Program
Woman sitting on a large square frame. Image supplied by Anna Tregloan
The Boy Castaways, Design for a feature film, film still, 2015. Image supplied by Anna Tregloan

Anna Tregloan

Anna Tregloan is a designer, artist and creative producer who creates work within Australia and internationally for major cultural institutions and an array of smaller companies, galleries and artists. She has an extensive history in collaborating on contemporary theatre, dance, live-art, immersive installations and interactive media as well as presenting performed installations, video and photographic works, exhibitions, interventions and participatory practice.  She is honoured to have been nominated for numerous local, national and international awards. Her work has also featured in many publications.  Anna has been presenting for over 25 years. While maintaining a unique vision she predominantly works in collaboration with companies, presenters and other artists and often in partnerships that grow over several projects and many years.

In 2020, Anna launched the ‘Impossible Project’ to collate creative endeavours that were not realised in 2020 due to the global pandemic.

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Anna Tregloan, Powerhouse Museum Creative Industries Resident 2020
Anna Tregloan, Powerhouse NSW Creative Industries Resident. Image: Daniel Boud