Creative Industries Residency Program
Black and white photograph of gumtrees.
Image: Amanda Williams.

Amanda Williams

“I am thrilled to be offered a Creative Industries Residency with the Powerhouse. This unique opportunity provides me with a studio workspace and environment that encourages the expansion of ideas, collaboration, and connection with a new network of artists, curators, cultural practitioners, and audiences. I am particularly excited about access and proximity to the museum archives, especially the significant camera and photographic collection. The opportunity to listen to and reflect upon the stories these objects tell will strengthen and enrich my understanding of the history and use of photography in Australia.”

– Amanda Williams.

Amanda Williams is a Sydney-based artist who works with the medium of photography to examine its historical legacy, material underpinnings, and contemporary significance. Tied to archival research, Williams’ practice takes shape through site-based documentation and experimentation with light-sensitive materials, 35mm, medium and large-format cameras. Working with labour-intensive and physically demanding darkroom processes, utilising out-of-date materials and mural scale hand printing, the element of chance is embraced. Attention is drawn to how one’s perception of place and the historical content inscribed within the photographic image is unfixed and susceptible to change over time.

As a resident, Williams will continue her engagement with the Powerhouse collection cameras; creating opportunities for renewed understanding of the history of these objects, and new records to be incorporated into the collection.

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Preview The Last Stand, by Amanda Williams as seen in Eucalyptudsom (Powerhouse Publishing, 2022)