Creative Industries Residency Program
Image of Ainslie Murray's 'Humane Hostilities', 2017, mixed media. Photograph by Ian Hobbs
Image: Ainslie Murray, Humane Hostilities, 2017, mixed media. Photograph by Ian Hobbs

Ainslie Murray

Ainslie Murray is an interdisciplinary spatial artist and academic based in the Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture at University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney. Her work explores the augmentation of architectural space through subtle realisations of forgotten and intangible spatial forces. The atmosphere and its relation to the lived experience are areas of special interest which have focused her practice-led research for over 15 years. Murray’s work ranges from large-scale immersive installations and constructions to public art, film, painting, textiles and printed works. Murray’s principal interest is in forms of space-making that often escape attention, including ephemeral, minimal and immaterial forms of architecture that direct sustainable approaches to living. She makes work that investigates these forms of architecture in relation to climate and ecology, and frequently works in collaboration with others.

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