Dr Narelle Lemon, photographed by Shannyn Higgins.
Dr Narelle Lemon, photographed by Shannyn Higgins

Dr Narelle Lemon

Research Fellowship Project

March and May 2015

Project Title: Museums, Audiences, and Capturing Learning Experiences: Tweeting to Connect

Studio portrait of Dr Narelle Lemon (supplied).

Dr Narelle Lemon’s research investigated how museums are sites for learning and how we can access cultural awareness off-site meaningfully and purposefully. She is interested in investigating how social media can be integrated to build student and teacher engagement with museum sites, objects, and cultural knowledge. The MAAS fellowship enabled the formation of the hashtag #MuseumEdOz that is facilitated on Twitter (and with a page on Lemon’s website). The hashtag development emerged from a need to provide a national forum for sharing and a dedicated discussion for museum educators and teachers. This focuses on building a community that is flexible with ‘anywhere, anytime’ access, accommodation and engagement with multiple voices, and a shift away from professional isolation. It supports the generation of questions, sharing ideas, resources, and best practice. Most importantly it creates possibilities for an open dialogue associated with museum education from the perspectives of curriculum integration across multiple discipline areas and professional learning opportunities.

At the time of her fellowship at MAAS, Lemon worked at the School of Education, La Trobe University.