Rights and Permissions

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advice

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are advised that the MAAS website contains a range of Indigenous Cultural Material. This includes artworks, artifacts, images and recordings of people who may have passed away, and other objects which may be culturally sensitive.

MAAS is committed to best practice in the treatment of Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) as outlined in MAAS Australian Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Protocol (PDF).


MAAS is committed to maximising public access to its collection and exhibitions.

This website contains copyrighted materials where copyright may be held by MAAS or a third party. Unless permitted under the fair dealing provisions in the Copyright Act 1968 or stated otherwise (Creative Commons licence), content on this website may not be reproduced without permission from MAAS and/or relevant copyright holders. All inquiries or requests for reproduction of MAAS content should be made in writing to MAAS Rights and Permissions.

MAAS respects the Intellectual Property of others and, where known, all works displayed on the website are accurately described, attributed in accordance with the Moral Rights provisions of the Copyright Act, and, where possible, approved by the copyright owner or their agents. If there is any inaccuracy, omission or, as a copyright owner, you wish to have an image of your work removed, please contact MAAS Rights and Permissions.

Creative Commons Licensing

An Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives licence is used for some content on the MAAS website, including text in the Collection online. This licence permits the non-modified publication of content for any non-commercial use with attribution made to MAAS as the creator. Further information about the licence is available on the Creative Commons website.