Weird Space with Professor Fred Watson

Duration: 50 minutes
18 November 2021. 10:30 - 11:20am Video Conference Book Tickets

18 November 2021. 10:30 – 11:20am AEDT

Join us online to meet a living legend, Professor Fred Watson, appointed by the Australian Government as our first Astronomer-at-large. He will take us on a journey from the basics of stargazing from home to understanding the structure of the Universe. He will explain how unique our Solar System is and what makes Earth a special place that needs our care. Professor Watson will also explore many fascinating questions: what is a star and are there really more stars than grains of sand on all the beaches? Who counted them and how do we know? What is the strangest object in space, and can we be spaghettified?

This session will be held via secure, invitation-only webinar to maintain privacy.

Participants will not be able to see each other. You’re welcome to submit your own questions ahead of the event, in writing or as a short video, or during the webinar in response to the dialogue.

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