Weather: Seasons of places

Only until December 2019 Sydney Observatory

Learners investigate the weather in this Geography/Science hands-on, experiment-based workshop to study the weather and seasonal markers in Sydney and at another place, Singapore. Using quantitative techniques, learners will explore temperature, cloud cover, wind speed and direction. They will use real meteorological instruments including thermometers in our historic shade house, rain gauges, anemometers, wind vanes, Campbell Stokes sunshine recorder and Octa mirror to collect data which can then be related to the season to solve the “Season Crime Scene Investigation”┬ámystery.

They will gain firsthand experience in analogue and digital technologies including the last two weeks of Sydney’s weather data that at the completion of the visit will be emailed to the school for analysis.

Learning Resources

Curriculum Links

NSW Incorporating Australian Curriculum

Link Description
GE1-2identifies ways in which people interact with and care for places
ST1-1VAshows interest in and enthusiasm for science and technology, responding to their curiosity, questions and perceived needs, wants and opportunities
ST1-4WSinvestigates questions and predictions by collecting and recording data, sharing and reflecting on their experiences and comparing what they and others know
ST1-8ESdescribes some observable changes that occur in the sky and landscape
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