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Video Conference: Homeschool astronomy

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Finished 10 September 2021
Video Conference

Friday 10 September, 2021

Home schoolers, join us online for an astronomical adventure suitable for learners equivalent to Stage 2 and 3.

Part one. 10am to 10:50am. Delve into the Australian Curriculum’s Cross Curricula Priority on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and science in this engaging, thought provoking video conference. Experience the oldest astronomical knowledge on the planet with the Wergaia Nation.  Then head to the turquoise waters of the Torres Strait Islands and learn about the Warrior Spirit Tagai and his embodiment in Uncle Eddie Mabo and the historic decision by the High Court in 1992. Participants will need to download, print and make the planisphere (star wheel) from our Learning Resources section on this  page, prior to the session.

This video conference has been developed in close consultation with First Nations artists and peoples.

Part two. 11:10am to noon. Take one small step then a giant leap as we look at the robotic exploration of space with a coding unplugged game using Scratch as we search for water on Mars. Then explore Earth’s place in our Solar System and use the International Astronomical Union’s (IAU) rules to determine if Pluto is a planet, or not?. To end we will look at the future of space exploration and the roles they may play in the future. To the stars… 

Part three. Noon to 12:30pm Astro-Q&A with our team and exploring the Universe with Space Engine.

This video conference will be held via a private Zoom connection. If you are new to video conferences, we have an informative how to connect guide for support.