The stars of the Southern Cross shine through Sydney's growing light pollution

School night tour

Sydney Observatory is the oldest, and we think the most beautiful, observatory in Australia. Located in the heart of the historic Rocks precinct it is the perfect location for a school visit. While we have syllabus specific programs for every stage we understand that some schools want a general visit for a diverse range of learners. Our general school night tours are designed to engage and be fun without the specific learning outcomes of any particular curriculum. We will use the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Thinking Routines to stimulate deep thinking about our place in the Solar System and the amazing Universe while looking through telescopes, exploring the seasonal sky in the planetarium and using our unique augmented reality activities.

Please note: 5:00 pm session is available May through to July, 6:30pm is available April through to September and 8:30pm is available all year.