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Absolutely Queer : Demi-Couture Design with Nicol & Ford

Duration: 50 minutes
23 February 2023, 11am – 12pm Book Tickets

Join us for a special conversation with featured designers, Katie-Louise and Timothy Nicol-Ford from the demi-couture label Nicol & Ford.

With a focus on silhouette, textile and texture, Nicol & Ford produces classically ‘feminine’ silhouettes for all gender identities, empowering the contemporary social deconstruction of binaries by revisiting and subverting traditional understandings of glamour and construction.

Katie-Louise is a trained fashion and costume designer passionate about the fantasy and empowerment brought to life through the visual language of fashion design.

Timothy is a trained art historian, researcher and designer and is the creative and conceptual director of Nicol & Ford, discovering lost narratives to be brought to life through Fashion and Design.

As featured designers in the Absolutely Queer exhibition, they will discuss their experiences, processes, and insights into creating gender and body diverse fashion.

Young designers and their teachers are invited to submit questions for Katie-Louise and Timothy. Please email with your question, name and school.

Bookings are essential.


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