Canis Major, 34°53'29.4"S 150°29'60.0"E, Wind Instruments and form tests. Kate Scardifield, 2019. Photo: Robin Hearfield

In Conversation with Kate Scardifield

Duration: 45 minutes
19 August 2020, 11-11.45 am Video Conference

Join visual artist Kate Scardifield in conversation with Katie Dyer, Senior Curator, Contemporary, at the Powerhouse Museum for a 45 minute webinar.

Gain insight into Kate’s contemporary art practice and her unique method of working. The relationship between practicing artist and curator will also be teased-out along with Kate’s experience working with the Powerhouse Museum as a Visiting Research Fellow in 2017. This webinar is particularly suited to Tertiary visual art students, artists, and interested members of the public. On booking, participants can register their questions prior to the webinar.

Kate Scardifield’s research interests lie at the intersection of museology, civic collections, material culture and material thinking. Her work has been shown extensively throughout Australia and is regularly exhibited overseas. With a creative practice that spans textiles, adaptable sculpture, installation and video, Kate’s work is driven by material investigation, and deeply invested in archival and collection focused research. Her current projects are working with cloth as a cartographic tool, and exploring textiles as propositional instruments for navigation, transmission and communication