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Game Based Learning: Digital Citizenship with League of Legends

Duration: 4.5 hours
Only until December 2019 Powerhouse Museum

Come join us and represent your school while focusing on productive online behaviour!

After a successful League of Legends tournament run in 2017, driven by Liverpool Boys High School and Kirrawee High School, the Powerhouse Museum is continuing League of Legends learning opportunities which brings to life the learning materials from the High School League of Legends Clubs initiative.

The day consists of multiple League of Legends matches interspersed with team debriefs, educating on productive online behaviour through the values of sportsmanship. This is an opportunity for learners to enhance their understanding of the values of sportsmanship and teamwork through problem solving, learner led reflection and group discussions. During the day, learners will design their own League of Legends champion inspired by the aspects of sportsmanship and will evaluate how well they embody their own champion.

All teams must have a supervising teacher. Learners of all levels are invited to participate. Schools should organise into teams. Each team must have 5 players to compete. Schools are encouraged to book together to create cross school competition. To customise the format please contact  


“League of Legends is a technology that can bring together a diverse range of learners in a supportive and collaborative environment.” – Scott Cox, TAS Teacher from Kirrawee High School

“Giving students the chance to compete against each other in a stadium environment will encourage collaboration between schools, teach students about responsible online behaviour and develop their problem solving skills — all of which contributes to them becoming well rounded responsible global citizens.” – Charles Rushworth, Big History (B.H.P) Teacher from Liverpool Boys High School