Human or robotic exploration of the Solar System?

Duration: 50 minutes
5 December 2022, 1–1.50pm Webinar Book Tickets

The Solar System is a vast place of which humans have only discovered a small part. Hear from a panel of experts in this live webinar as they discuss how the future of space research looks and debate the idea of human or robotic exploration.  

Brenan DEW (Australian Space Agency) and Dr Vienna TRAN (space medicine researcher) will look at the physiological and environmental factors involved in human exploration and discuss how robots could be used as an alternative as a more disposable way to explore the unknown.  

Participants are encouraged to debate and ask questions as part of the webinar.  

Humans or robots, you decide.  

This event is hosted in association with the Australian Space Agency.



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Plan Your Experience

Details on how to access the webinar will be sent to the registered email address before the scheduled broadcast. Webinar - Information page

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Learning Resources

Make a planisphere to explore the night sky.

Consider the scale of our Solar System and explore Earth’s place within it.

Explore objects from the Museum’s collection related to the exploration of our Solar System.

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