'Superfluous: Blue with Bows', Ebony Russell. Photo Enzo Amato.
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Artist in Conversation: Ebony Russell

Duration: 45 minutes
Finished 23 August 2022

Join Powerhouse curator Eva Czernis-Ryl in conversation with ceramic artist Ebony Russell, one of 160 artists featured in Clay Dynasty — a major retrospective of Australian studio ceramic practice over the past 50 years.

In this 45-minute webinar Eva and Ebony will discuss Ebony’s art practice, including her influences, techniques, development as an artist, and her work currently on display in the Clay Dynasty exhibition at the Powerhouse.

This webinar is designed for staff and volunteers of smaller museums, the collecting sector, and tertiary students.

Ebony Russell is a ceramicist whose work explores how objects can stir memory and how they are used as vectors for storing and retrieving a sense of the past.

Ebony’s art practice spans working with large-scale stoneware, slip casting and porcelain. Challenging the established perceptions of cultural and artistic practices that were once exclusively coded as feminine and thus insignificant, her work celebrates the decorative, promiscuous aesthetics and politics of purity; the superficial, excess and delight – with pleasure.

She has won many awards including the Franz International Rising Star Award in 2018.  Major exhibitions include Ceramica Maxima, The Jamfactory, 2021; the 66th Blake Art Prize, 2020; Midnight Garden, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, 2020; and The Backbone of Things, Te Auaha Gallery, Wellington, 2020.

Eva Czernis-Ryl is a curator at the Powerhouse Museum whose research interests focus on decorative arts, craft and design from the 18th century to the present. Her most recent exhibitions include Clay DynastyA Fine Possession: Jewellery and Identity; Recollect: Ceramics and Fantastical Worlds.