Eugy 3D Models



An excitement-filled activity, where you will unravel a 3D-model right in front of your eyes.

Parents, we suggest you make dodoland models together with your children,. Amaze yourselves while you witness the ecofriendly cardboard pieces come to life! 

The box contains everything you will need to put together your model. It’s exciting to watch the cardboard pieces come together to create your 3D model.

  • Assembly takes 10-20 minutes
  • Pieces are numbered, just glue together in sequence.
  • Non toxic glue included
  • Environmentally friendly, biodegradable materials including rice based inks
  • Models are approimately 7.6 x 7.6 x 7.6 cm.  Some will vary slightly based on design.

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Crocodile, Kookaburra, Cockatoo, Fairy Wren, Emu, Lyre Bird, Sloth, Tassie Devil, Whale Shark, Echidna, White Shark, Platypus, Kangaroo, Koala, Orca, Kiwi

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