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Alessi 9090 Coffee Maker 6 Cup


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The first espresso coffee maker that doesn’t unscrew for over 30 years. It opens with a handle.

The 9090 isn’t just the first espresso coffee maker in Alessi’s history it is also Alessi’s first object for the kitchen after 1930 and the first Alessi object to be inducted into the permanent Design Collection at the New York MOMA.

The high design quality of the 9090 doesn’t just make it suitable for use in the kitchen, but encourages the items to be brought directly onto the table. A trait that has since become part of Alessi’s signature style. Making the 9090 Coffee Machine a true Alessi Icon.

Made in 18/10 stainless steel, this 6 cup coffee machine contains a magnetic steel bottom making it suitable for induction, gas and electric cook tops. Please note the induction hob used must be suitable for an item of 90 mm diameter.

Dimensions: Height 20.5cm Diameter: 12.50cm. Capacity: 0.3 Litres.


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Weight 0.912 kg
Dimensions 20.5 cm