Powerhouse Photography

11 people dressed in black for a group portrait
Powerhouse Photography Advisory Group. Top row (L-R): Lisa Moore, Tom Blachford, Cherine Fahd, Jacqui Strecker, Hugh Stewart. Bottom row (L-R): Emily McDaniel, Merilyn Fairskye, Zan Wimberley, Meng-Yu Yan, Garry Trinh, Sarah Rees. Photograph by Hugh Stewart.

Powerhouse Photography is a new initiative dedicated to amplifying Australian photography and lens-based practice.

Powerhouse Photography will be comprised of an ongoing series of programs, commissions, acquisitions, publications, learning and research activities dedicated to the promotion and development of photography in Australia. The Powerhouse Photography annual program will include a photography research fellowship, tertiary internship program, contemporary photography acquisition program, and industry day, all made possible through funds generously donated by the Australian Centre for Photography.

Powerhouse Photography Advisory Group was convened in October 2022 for the purpose of strengthening and expanding upon the museum’s connections to the photography industry and community.

Powerhouse has developed a unique role for the Photography Advisory Group where its members may be commissioned to work on a range of creative and collaborative projects. These projects span commercial, artistic, and research endeavours. Along with this active role, the Advisory Group is called upon to provide current industry knowledge, insights, and advice to guide curatorial strategies relating to Powerhouse Photography, in a non-executive capacity. Meetings of the Advisory Group are held three times a year to share information, generate ideas, and discuss industry challenges and opportunities.

Powerhouse Photography Advisory Group is comprised of Powerhouse representatives, and photographic practitioners from diverse backgrounds working across various disciplines. Members include:

  • Cherine Fahd, photographer and UTS Associate Professor (co-chair)
  • Sarah Rees, Powerhouse Senior Curator (co-chair)
  • Merilyn Fairskye, photographer and filmmaker
  • Lisa Moore, designer and photography archivist
  • Hugh Stewart, photographer
  • Garry Trinh, photographer
  • Meng-Yu Yan, photographer
  • Tom Blachford, photographer
  • Emily McDaniel, Powerhouse Director First Nations
  • Jacqui Strecker, Powerhouse Head of Curatorial
  • Zan Wimberley, Powerhouse Artistic Associate.

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