Expansion of Powerhouse Castle Hill

Crane bend up and over a large concrete wall
Photo by Amanda Williams

The $30 million Powerhouse Castle Hill expansion is a major project of the Powerhouse renewal which includes the creation of the future flagship museum Powerhouse Parramatta, the renewal of Powerhouse Ultimo and the digitisation of the Powerhouse collection.

Due for completion in early 2023, the expansion includes a new 9,000 sqm building, expanding storage space by 30 percent and providing a new level of access to the Powerhouse collection for the communities of the Hills Shire District and Greater Sydney. The new building also features state-of-the-art conservation facilities and flexible spaces for learning, research and exhibition.


Powerhouse Castle Hill Commission

Powerhouse commissioned Creative Industries Resident Amanda Williams to document the expansion of Powerhouse Castle Hill and Castle Hill plantation by using a range of photographic technologies, some of which will draw on the collection of cameras in the Powerhouse collection.

This commission will enrich Powerhouse’s understanding of our collection and history. It will also offer access to the collection and expertise of the Powerhouse staff, to a contemporary practitioner to develop their research and practice.

Amanda Williams is a photo media artist who is known for her experimental black and white analogue photography, its material underpinnings and historical legacy. Throughout her career as both an artist and commercial photographer, Williams has held a significant interest in landscape and architectural photography and has brought this knowledge and singular vision in these photographic disciplines to document the evolution of Powerhouse Castle Hill since 2020.

William’s work may inform future on-site heritage interpretation and public art as well as becoming a valuable part of Powerhouse’s archive.