Historical letters

Letter by H C Russell, 21 May 1873

May 21, 2009

694 Government Observatory 21st May 1873 Sir I have the honor herewith to enclose the claims of H C Russell and H A Lenehan payable out of the superannuation Reg? Funds together with ?? of the returns ??

Letter by H C Russell, 20 May 1871

May 20, 2009

394 Sydney Observatory 20 May 1871 Dear Sir I have the pleasure herewith to forward copies of printed results of the Sydney Observatory. Few Astronomical Results have been published recently the late Astronomer devoted himself chiefly to the Base Line operations of the Trigonometrical Survey of the Colony and the transit instrument is much inferior to the one at Melbourne so the results are not deemed worth publishing.

Letter by H C Russell, 19 May 1871

May 19, 2009

392 Sydney Observatory 19 May 1871 Sir In acknowledging the receipt of your letter of the 13th Instant, I have the honor to inform that my letter was sent to the Station Master at Muswellbrook and not to the Traffic Manager at Newcastle.

Letter by H C Russell, 18 May 1889

May 18, 2009

Observatory May 18 1889 W Surfton Esquire Hon. Secretary B. P. C Sir Re rain gauge Your letter to the Post Master General dated May 11th 1889 and calling attention to the unsuitable position of the rain gauge at Bingara, I have made inquiry as to the surroundings of the rain gauge and find that they are somewhat confined, but not to such an extent as will interfere with the rain record.

Letter by H C Russell, 17 May 1871

May 17, 2009

387-388 Sydney Observatory 17 May 1871 Dear Sir I take the opportunity to send you some further notes about γ?? Argus. The enclosed paper contains the only print I have of a paper read before our Royal Society for the purpose of making known here the history of γ ??

Letter by H C Russell, 16 May 1868

May 16, 2009

Government Observatory Sydney May 16 68 My Dear Sir I received your second telegram about the keys this morning and have sought in vain for another bunch. I went to the dining room and looked myself and Annie told me she had looked upstairs and felt your pockets without finding any.

Letter by H C Russell, 15 May 1889

May 15, 2009

Observatory 15 May 1889 Chas H Caswell Esquire Dear Sir A full answer to your questions would involve a knowledge of the rainfall and climate of the other colonies as full and complete as that which has been published for this colony, and that has not been made possible either for the Victoria or South Australia both are behind hand in the publishing which give the required information rain has been measured there; but abstracts such as would be this case have not been published.

Letter by H C Russell, 14 May 1863

May 14, 2009

Observatory May 14th 1863 Sir I have the honor to inform you that two panes of glass are required in the observatory buildings I have the honor to be Sir Your most obedient servant H C Russell The Honorable The Minister for Works

Letter by H C Russell, 13 May 1863

May 13, 2009

Observatory May 13th 1863 Sir I have the honor herewith to forward the estimate of the probable cost of repairs to the observatory buildings for the year 1864, furnished by the colonial architect.

Letter by W Scott, 12 May 1858

May 12, 2009

Observatory Sydney May 12 1858 58/61 Madam I beg to call your attention to the enclosed remarks: I fear you may be getting tired of your undertaking particularly when you find every little inaccuracy or omission remarked by a very unsparing critic.

Letter by W Scott, 11 May 1857

May 11, 2009

29 The Astronomer to the Colonial Secretary respecting Meteorological Observatory at Parramatta 11 Macquarie St. South Sydney May 11th 1857 57/57 Sir I have the honour to inform you that I have established a Meteorological Observatory at the Lunatic Asylum Parramatta, and appointed provisionally to the office of Observer, with a salary of ₤20 per annum, Mr. Statham the Storekeeper, who seems particularly well qualified for the office.

Letter by W Scott, 10 May 1858

May 10, 2009

Observatory Sydney May 10th 1858 My Dear Sir I have to thank you for your letter of October 15th containing information as to size and price to equatorials. We should probably content ourselves with a seven inch Telescope accordingly being completed to spend the money at once or not at all, I have had the equatorial room built to carry a dome 17 feet diameter.

Letter by W Scott, 9 May 1857

May 9, 2009

28 11 Macquarie St. South Sydney May 9th 1857 57/50 Sir Your request for a copy of the registry of rainfall at Sydney for as long a period as possible was referred to me for the first time yesterday.

Letter by H C Russell, 8 May 1889

May 8, 2009

Observatory 8th May 1889 Mr W Gould Dear Sir Re yours of seven May just received. The fault is probably in the screw attached to the clock if there is any stiffness in it, they will stop the clock, and it may be stiff from two causes: either the screw is set too deep into the wheel and so rubs hard in the wheel or it is not free enough end wise, and so puts friction on the clock.

Letter by G R Smalley, 7 May 1869

May 7, 2009

17 Government Observatory May 7th 1869 Sir I have the honor to enclose Voucher in Support of the last advance for Magnetic Survey, and request a further advance of £25 for the same purpose. I have the honour to be Sir Your obedient Servant George R Smalley The Under Secretary for Finance & Trade