Nick watches & Geoff videos as the ISS crosses the Sun as seen from Sydney Observatory

May 15, 2009

Nick Lomb
Watching the transit of the International Space Station across the Sun in the South Dome of Sydney Observatory 15 May 2009 at 2:42 pm, image Toner Stevenson Yesterday I receved an email alert from CalSky with the exciting news that, as seen from Sydney, the International Space Station will cross across the Sun today (15 May 2009) at 2:42:39 pm.

Moonrise over/under the Sydney Harbour Bridge

April 14, 2009

Nick Lomb
The full Moon rising over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, courtesy Clive Cowham Back in 2006 I was asked if it is possible to see the full Moon rise under the Harbour Bridge from McMahons Point as it was rumoured to be "one of the best Sydney experiences".

Les sees a star brighten and fade. Did he see an “optical transient”?

April 3, 2009

Nick Lomb
A Second Palomar Observatory Sky Survey image in red light of the galaxy IC 2539 in Antlia, courtesy Space Telescope Science Institute Last night (28 March 2009) I was observing the small faint nearly edge-on galaxy IC 2539 in Antlia at about 9.30pm local time (10.30 UT) on 28032009 at Bargo NSW.

The International Space Station above Sydney

March 25, 2009

Nick Lomb
The International Space Station and Jupiter imaged by Peter Ward on the evening of 9 September 2008 The latest Shuttle mission has boosted the number of solar wings on the International Space Station.

Titan shadow observed at Sydney Observatory on 12 March 2009

March 13, 2009

Nick Lomb
Saturn imaged during the Titan transit. A hint of Titan's shadow is visible in the blow-up version of the image (below) at the left "nine o'clock" position. Image taken afocally (camera held to the eyepiece) through Sydney Observatory's 40-cm Meade telescope by Ross Mitchell.

Sydney Observatory images attacked by an astrobot – no need to panic

February 20, 2009

Nick Lomb
A colour image of the famous Ring Nebula in Lyra created by adding images taken in three different colours. This northern hemisphere object was imaged from Sydney Observatory in October 2002 remotely using a telescope at Etscorn Observatory in New Mexico.

Harry is exhibiting sketches of two Moon craters in Ireland

February 11, 2009

Nick Lomb
A sketch of the crater Bailly by Harry Roberts, on display at Cork Castle, Ireland Harold Hill, the great lunar draftsman, says of Bailly “There is so much sketchable detail within this formation that it is well nigh impossible to cover Bailly in its entirety on a good night.” For this reason I was only able to record the southern half in 2004.

Polish your binoculars as Comet Lulin is approaching

February 6, 2009

Nick Lomb
Finding chart for Comet Lulin in February 2009 at 10 pm each evening. Though calculated for Sydney the chart is suitable around Australia with adjustment to 9 pm for states without daylight saving. Drawn by Nick Lomb A relatively bright comet is approaching Earth and astronomers expect that it will be best visible in the week starting 21 February.

Harry sees a majestic prominence on the Sun

February 5, 2009

Nick Lomb
Sunspots on the disc of the Sun on the morning of 19 January 2009 Eastern summer time. Drawing by Harry Rogers Sun watchers grow tense when days of cloud interrupt regular views of our star – there’s a sense that big things may be happening, and you are missing out!

What does an amateur astronomer do? Les goes hunting for galaxies

January 23, 2009

Nick Lomb
The globular cluster 47 Tucanae was one of the objects Les and his fellow amateur astronomers looked at observing from Bargo 28 - 29 December 2008, though they probably had a much better view. This is an image from the now decommissioned Sydney Observatory Robotic Telescope that used to be on the roof of the Powerhouse Museum.