Eve of Totality

The evening before the total solar eclipse in the USA is upon us!

This year’s solar eclipse crosses the USA starting in Oregon and crossing the USA before sweeping into the ocean off South Carolina. This eclipse (expected to be the most watched/observed eclipse in history) looks set to provide many with the view of a lifetime.

I’m based in Portland, Oregon and spent today doing some reconnaissance of potential observing sites. I will need to drive with friends into the path of totality as Portland is outside the narrow (70 mile/ ~112km) track. It is predicted to be clear across Oregon though some early morning fog will affect coastal towns and smoke haze from bushfires is affecting a few areas. My decision on which area to observe from will be based on weather reports early tomorrow morning before departure.

This year’s eclipse has me really excited – more so than usual – perhaps it’s the fact that seasoned American eclipse chasers have been working tirelessly to ensure as many people as possible know about the eclipse as well as how to view it safely or perhaps there’s just something about this eclipse I can’t put my finger on – either way tomorrow morning at 9:05am I will be looking skyward in awe!

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