Calling All Early-Birds: Dawn Planetary Gathering

November has a spectacular treat in store for all of you early-birds!
During late October, Venus has been dancing in the pre-dawn sky with Jupiter and Mars. This dance continues in early November, with Venus and Mars at their closest on November 3 and 4, after which Venus slowly starts to retreat towards the east horizon. Jupiter is rising just ahead of Venus and Mars and on November 7, the 25-day old waning crescent Moon joins in, and is just below Jupiter. November 8, finds the 26-day old waning crescent Moon between Venus and Mars. It is well worth hopping out of bed early and finding a good view to the east on both mornings for what promises to be a wonderful pre-dawn sight!

Sydney Observatory is holding a special early morning viewing on Saturday 7th November. Join our astronomers and view Jupiter, Venus, Mars and the Moon through our telescopes. Afterwards enjoy a light breakfast while watching the sunrise over Sydney Harbour – what a way to start the weekend! Places are limited and bookings essential. You can book online or by calling 9921 3485.

Dawn Planetary Gathering on 7 November 2015
Dawn Planetary Gathering on 7 November 2015

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