Daily cosmobite: ISON to round Sun

Comet ISON approaching the Sun. Chart Nick LombComet ISON is to reach its closest point to the Sun tomorrow morning at about 5 am AEDT. At that time it will be 1.9 million km from the centre of the Sun or only 1.2 million km from its visible surface. The comet, or whatever is left of it, will then start its long outward journey back to the Oort cloud at the edge of the solar system.

Comet ISON approaching the Sun. Chart Nick Lomb

7 responses to “Daily cosmobite: ISON to round Sun

  • Hi Nick. Just wondering if we are able to see ISON on its way out of the solar system – depending it survived the sun of course!

    • Hello Jan. Some parts of the comet seem to have survived the close approach to the Sun though as yet no one knows if there will be anything to see in the northern hemisphere sky over the next few nights. Whatever happens though it can no longer be seen from the southern hemisphere.

    • Hello Rebecca. No, you could not have seen the comet this morning as it was too close to the Sun. Observations could only be made by spacecraft and these observations suggest that the comet has largely but not completely disintegrated.

    • Hello Lauren. The comet will be too close to the Sun to see. You can, however, track what it is doing through Spaceweather.com or through NASA’s Google+ Hangout tomorrow morning.

  • Sooo , ISON has come all this way , for a hot date with the Sun , has a one night fling and then it’s back Oort , before the wife finds out !

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