Daily cosmobite: Venus and a star

Venus and the star Nunki on 19 November 2013. Chart Nick LombThe bright planet Venus can be seen shining brightly in the western sky each evening soon after sunset. Tonight it passes within half a moon-width of the star with the Babylonian name of Nunki in the handle of the Teapot, which is how many people see the classical constellation of Sagittarius the Archer.

Venus and the star Nunki on 19 November 2013. Chart Nick Lomb

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  • Hey Nick , for quit a few years i have been shooting the heavens with a 400mm lens , In that time i have come to notice a star configuration? of what appears to be a perfect horse shoe shape of about 10 stars i have i pic of this. also noticed it may not be one but several different sites in the heavens … hope this makes sense and if someone knows what i am talking about please fill me in 🙂
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    it kind of resembles this dot configuration
    thanks Nick

    • Hello Keith. You do need to give a clue about whereabouts in the sky you saw this asterism resembling a horseshoe. Why don’t you download the star map associated with our monthly podcast so that you identify the main stars and constellations in the sky?

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