The 1874 transit from Down Under: Russell’s book of the transit

January 18, 2012

Nick Lomb
The main Australian observing stations for 1874 transit of Venus. Sketch Nick Lomb Like the June 2012 transit of Venus, the December 1874 transit was visible in its entirety from Australia. The observatories at Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, which are the capitals of the three main states or colonies at the time, made plans to ensure that the rare event was well observed.

Harry sees 2011 end with the ejection of a filament from the Sun on 31 December 2011

January 4, 2012

Nick Lomb
Sketches recording the ejection of a filament from the south-east edge of the Sun on New Year’s Eve (Universal Time). Image and copyright Harry Roberts ©, all rights reserved Both hydrogen-alpha and white light bands are logged with a portable 8-inch telescope – stopped to100mm for white light (the continuum), and 75 to 55mm for H-alpha; both bands at 2000mm focal length.