2011-08-01 Star formation in nearby galaxies – a Sydney City Skywatchers event

Dr Ángel R. López-Sánchez6.30pm, 1 August 2011
Star formation in nearby galaxies: a multiwavelength analysis of galaxies of the local volume

Dr Ángel R. López-Sánchez from the Australian Astronomical Observatory and Macquarie University Honorary Research Fellow will discuss how in the past few years there has been an increasing number of new multiwavelength information about galaxies, including optical, infrared, ultraviolet and radio data. All these observations provide different views of the galaxies, as optical and near-infrared images inform about the stellar and the ionized gas component, radio data provide the amount of neutral gas available to form new stars, infrared images give information about the amount of dust within the objects, and the ultraviolet data indicate where massive stars and recent star-formation events are located. The Anglo-Australian Telescope team are collecting all this information, which include optical/NIR data from the 2.3m ANU and 3.9m AAT telescopes, radio data from Parkes and the ATCA, and UV and IR data provided by the GALEX and Spitzer satellites, to perform a detailed analysis of local star-forming galaxies. Dr Ángel R. López-Sánchez will present this exciting project and show some of the surprising results his team are finding in well-known galaxies, such as M 83.

Meetings are held at 6:30 pm on the first Monday of each month in Sydney Observatory’s basement Discovery Room. These meetings usually consist of brief reports of observations made during the month by club members and a presentation from a guest speaker followed by a light supper. There is a $2 fee for each meeting.

Starburst galaxy NGC5253, WFPC2 - Hubble Space Telescope
Starburst galaxy NGC5253, WFPC2 – Hubble Space Telescope, image combined by Dr Angel R. Lopez-Sanchez

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