Superb Korean astronomical images

One of the nicest aspects of working in this spectacular observatory is the range of people that come to visit. Allan recently met Mr Francis Ahn from Korea who was holidaying and took the time to show us some of his images. To say we were impressed is an understatement.

Detail of Andromeda galaxy

– (Detail of Andromeda galaxy)
– Date : 20:00~6:00 (Next day), Oct. 15th, 2010
– Place : Inje, Gangwondo,Korea
– Mount : Sky Watcher Neq6pro
– Telescope : Takahashi e-160
– Guide : Myscope80mm acromatic, PHD,DSI
– Camera : Canon40d (astro,cooled)
– Exposure : ISO800 600sec*10 +300sec* 6+iso 1600 600sec* 15
– Software: Nebulosity, PhotoshopCS3

– Ic434,B33(Horse-head Nebula)
– Date : 01~ 05, Oct. 18th. 2009
– Place : Hongcheon, Gangwondo, Korea
– Mount : Takahashi em200 temma2
– Telescope : Takahashi e-160, lps-p2, Digital coma-corrector
– Camera: Canon40d (astro,cooled)
– Guide : Pentax 75 SDHF, PHD,DSI,gp-usb
– Exposure : ISO800 600sec*15

Francis is also a member of the Seoul Astronomy Club which has some wonderful images taken by other members on the website at http://www.sac-club.co.kr/

…and of course a holiday snap of Francis and his family in Sydney.
Francis and his family in Sydney

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