Letter by H C Russell, 2 June 1873

Letter by H C Russell, 2 June 1873

2 June

My dear Sir

[First few lines illegible]…. information…. salary…. if I can provide you with Instruments.

But ?? with ?? as there are I believe only two in the colony both at the Observatory and the load is heavy. We also all over the colony the ?? rain gauge it is that generally used in England and is safer as experience has yet ?? the best form and size if having ?? ?? when different shapes and angles are used the 8 inch rain gauge catches most rain.

The Observations are only taken at 9am?? and seem ?? and a ?? of observations has to be ?? to me??

If you ?? because ?? stations?? I saw ?? northern line of road send me very doubtful observations.

If without salary you are prepared to undertake the work of observations, and will let me know how to send you the instruments I will do it without delay.

Yours truly
HC Russell

?? King Esqre