Letter by W Scott, 22 May 1860

Letter by W Scott, 22 May 1860
Letter by W Scott, 22 May 1860

Observatory Sydney

May 22nd 1860



I send you this day for Jenny Lind the barometer sent to Sydney for repairs. I enclose the instrument maker’s account for which I must ask you to obtain the necessary sum from the government of Queensland.

The barometer must be kept in the inverted position until ready for use when it must be gently turned into its true position and the adjusting screw at the bottom immediately turned back so as to allow the mercury to fall to its proper level in the tube.

In future the instrument should not be removed unless by someone who thoroughly understands the mode of handling it.

I send you by the same opportunity a rain gauge which will be paid for by my department as it was ordered before the separation of the colonies.

I am sir
Your obedient servant
W Scott

J L Hay Esquire

The appointment of a new observer in place of Miss Gaden must rest with the Government of Queensland; or perhaps you had better consider yourself the observer and employ anyone on whom you can depend.

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  • I’m sorry – we don’t have further information about Miss Gaden. It appears she had been making observations (may have been astronomical but more likely meteorological) in Queensland around this time. You may be able to find out more by searching Queensland sources – perhaps trying to find out more about J L Hay, to whom William Scott wrote this letter. Good luck with your research.

  • Do you have any idea which Miss Gaden is the lady mentioned in the letter and where was she employed?

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