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Sydney Observatory often receives reports from the public about mysterious and unexplained sightings in the sky. Many of these are fireballs, which are small rocks from space hitting the Earth’s atmosphere at high speed and burning up brightly as they reach the denser parts of the atmosphere about 30 or 40 km above the ground. Others turn out to be aeroplane vapour trails, ‘dump and burn’ manoeuvres by Air Force aircraft, satellites, weather balloons or even exploding rockets or rockets venting fuel.

We invite you to report your observations here at the bottom of this page. Other people may wish to comment on your observations if they have seen the same object or seen something similar at another time.

When leaving your observations please give as much detail as you can including

– Where you were – reports without a location will not be posted
– The time
– The direction you were looking (north, east, south, west or in-between)
– How high up you were looking (horizon is 0° elevation, half way up is 45° and directly overhead is 90°)
– How long you saw the object
– The direction the object was moving
– Whether it was clear or cloudy
– Whether you could see the Moon or Venus or any other astronomical object
– Describe what you saw

We welcome reports from around the world, however we are unable to respond to international reports.

Thank you

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  • 11:15pm – United Kingdom – NW
    looked up to sky looking for the bright star which is left of my back doors, I couldn’t see it so scanned the sky around where it usually is and saw a fast moving white light.. it disappeared after around 1 minute, I stayed to watch for more and low and behold 5 minutes later another one (from the same location, travelling in the same direction) and again 5 minutes later.. it was cold and late so didn’t watch for anymore. Just an explanation of some sort.. I’ve never seen anything like that over here.

  • Hello Andrew,
    I live at Avalon Beach. Regularly I see a very bright light to the EAST at about 45o, seemingly much closer and lower than other stars. It is very luminous and appears to be “hovering” or moving up and down ever so slightly. Obviously a star but which one? It was very apparent last night 7.30pm 13/7/18

    • Jeanette, I suspect your light is Mars. It is at its closest and brightest for 15-years at present. It is a yellowish colour. You can find out more here.

  • Martinsville Va June 10th
    – between 11:30 and 11:45 p.m. est
    – south
    – about 55°
    – 10-15 seconds
    – object was moving horizontally towards the west
    – mostly clear night / kinda hazey
    – based on my sky map app it was moving in the direction of Saturn
    – it was a bright burning white/yellow light that almost looked like a stream firework but without any noticable sound and appeared to blink/burn out more quickly than expected.

    The previous night June 9th my boyfriend and I were were driving down 220 south towards Greensboro and saw a similar light around 10:30 p.m. est that was at little lower in the sky traveling in the same direction but lasted longer maybe 30 seconds.

  • today we were driving home this evening at about 8:45 pm between roscoe and shirland Illinois and I noticed a metallic green light moving very slowly. it was going south it almost looked like a light green LED Christmas light. my wife seen it aswell I could tell it had a small amount of smoke coming off the tail. I watched it for several seconds as we were driving but then lost it behind a tree. It must have burnt out in the time it took us to get around the tree but I’ve never seen a green on that large it was awesome.

    • I just now had an almost identical experience to what you described in Northern Vermont. Very curious to know what it is/was.

  • Where you were: Yanchep 6035 WA Australia.

    The time: I’m not sure what the exact time of the first sighting was but I believe it was between 9pm and 11pm last night 6th of July 2018 and again tonight 7th of July 2018 around 8pm.

    The direction you were looking: North West.

    How high up you were looking: Roughly around 35-45 degrees above the horizon.

    How long you saw the object: the first sighting I saw it for around 5-7 minutes, Second sighting 5 minutes

    The direction the object was moving: appeared to be stationary on both occurrences.

    Whether it was clear or cloudy: very few clouds if any in the night sky it was very dark each night of the sightings.

    Whether you could see the Moon or Venus or any other astronomical object: the moon was not visible from where I was observing and no other stars were visible at the time.

    Describe what you saw: First Sighting: I was looking out of the bedroom window when I noticed a bright object in the sky I didn’t take much notice of it at first so i didn’t stay to watch, no more then a minute later I come back and watched it for several minutes when I observed it becoming brighter it increased in brightness 3-4 times over a 30 second period then dimmed to almost invisible to the naked eye then it brightened again another 2 times before dimming so faint that it was no longer visible that was the last I saw of it….

    Second Sighting: looking out of the same window I spotted a similar bright object in the same region of the sky almost if not the exact spot I spotted the object the night before, this time I watched it keenly I observed it brighten and dim over and over to the same result as last night it dimmed so faint that it was no longer visible.

    Now I know that iridium flares are common but I’m unsure of the likelyhood that they would occur two nights in a row in the same patch of the sky please if youse have the time please get back to me and in the mean time I’ll keep an eye out for it, maybe I’ll see it again tomorrow this time I’ll try to get photographic proof or video evidence.


    • Seane, It doesn’t sound like an Iridium flare, they bighten once then fade. Try Heavens-Above to see if there is a old rocket body (tumbling and glinting in the sun light) visible from your location. However, 9-11pm seems too late for a satellite to be in sunlight from Yanchep. As always please post photos or video to your favourite site and we can link to them from here, after moderation.

  • Tonight July 4, 2018 in Florida at around 10pm (I know, it’s July 4th and there are fireworks all night) .. but I saw something much higher up in the sky than any firework could be. Was a glowing flashing orange and yellow light that was slowly moving than suddenly disappeared.. a few moments later it was back in the original place I first saw, again it moved slowly and then quickly took off. I’m assuming it was some type of meteors or something… I am very much fascinated with the sky and stars, but found it strange in the way it moved and disappeared then reappeared only to do the same thing.. I have videos as well.

    • Angela, We don’t usually have the resources to reply to international posts, however this was definitely not a meteor – meteors move fast, leave a ‘trail’ (whether real or in your minds eye) and then are gone, i.e. a shooting star.

    • I saw like exactly what your describing in Virginia yesterday on July 9th and tonight July 10th Est.

      If it’s not a meteor what could it be?

  • Are my comments of 27th May still awaiting moderation? ?
    I answered Andrew’s question, but haven’t heard anything more …

    • We saw 3 orange lights last night July 7 2018 on Lincoln way in Clinton Iowa. They were flying low and together. I noticed them because of people lighting off fireworks. But these stayed in the sky and cruised right by us flying in a strange formation. We turned the car around and stopped to get a better look and watched them till they flew away. We headed toward Morrison and saw 2 more of the same orange lights one stayed ahead of us all the way to our destination in Morrison and the other one flew out of eye site before we got there. My son managed to take a pic of one of the craft when we stopped the car. They made no noise. I kept asking my family over and over do you see that too? Am I seeing that wrong?? It was incredible.

      • July 12th, 2018 approx. 12:30 AM. I am traveling north on a rural blacktop about 5 milea directly south of Charles City, IA. I notice an extremeiy bright blue light flashing every 2 seconds @ ground level in a grove of tress about a half mile ahead of me slightly to my left (11:00 position). This happened very fast. The 3rd flash I witnessed, the object appeared to have risen about 10 feet. The 4th flash I saw was over the corn field to my left @ the height a crop dusting plane would fly, perpendicular to my position. The 5th, and last flash, I saw was @ the same height approx. half mile behind me. This object had traveled a mile in 4 seconds. I cannot conclude any logical explanation

    • Deb, Sorry for the delay. Thanks for your location information. Your blue light (reported 27 May below) sounds most likely to be a satellite. Its 5-minute visibility and passage across a large arc of the sky without flashing support this. Even the change in brightness at the end could be different facets of the spacecraft glinting in the Sun. However, 11pm is very late for a satellite sighting.

      • Thanks, Andrew – I’ve also been looking into the lights displayed underneath the police helicopters. They have blue and red lights below the cabin, but I’m wondering if they might only use the blue lights when at high altitudes… because I couldn’t hear any sound, I’ve assumed it was very high in the sky

  • Hello, I am new to this and do not know all the correct terms to put on, anyways, I was looking over by the moon at 1:03 am on July 3rd, 2018. I am in Eastern Iowa, U.S. and was looking at the moon and to the left, sadly i am not good with directions or angles. I noticed 2 white dots spinning around eachother. I was stunned and couldn’t count the exact times they spun, but they began to move apart in a straight line. As they grew further apart, one shot down and right in a straight line pointing under the moon, the other went up and left and stopped slightly above and right of another star. I was confused at first thinking it was not a star, but as I focused I noticed the “twinkling” and was assured that it had to be. Quite a sight to see, inspired me to try and see if anyone else saw it.

    • Okay I live in Ohio I seen the exact same thing that you saw but I saw it 1129 p.m. eastern time pretty sure but I saw the same exact Stars moving in a line at the same exact time separated Stars moving I don’t know what it was but I’m glad I came on to this site and saw this comment this needs to go viral I don’t know what it is but it was heading north about somewhat back I seen this at Walmart parking lot in Calcutta Ohio near the East Liverpool Ohio area ZIP code 43920 United States

      Hunter David Parsons

    • Hello. I seen these tooo. Ther wer a lot around 10:30 pm. I’m from central Wisconsin.They looked like stars gliding through the sky so elegantly, up and down sideways back and fourth. It was sure a sight to see.

  • Dorset rd. Boronia…Tuesday 26-6-2018 Heading Easterly 90deg then headed straight up rapidly, witnessed by myself and my partner for about 1min… Wednesday 27-6-2018 Heading Southeasterly at 45deg with a zig zag motion then continuing Southeasterly rapidly, witnessed by myself, my partner and my daughter for about 3min… A bright light was observed in clear skies on consecutive evenings. They were not planes, helicopters, drones etc. I know what these look like at night and these lights didn’t resemble them at all. They were extremely high, moved very fast then slowed down, then accelerated out of sight. The first one on 26-6-18 was moving fast in a dead straight line, then suddenly headed straight up and out of sight. The second one on 27-6-18 was heading in a southeast direction, made a zigzag pattern then continued southeast rapidly. The speed they travelled at and the maneuvers they made seemed impossible, but we know what we saw!!

  • I was driving along Punchbowl road near Belfield at about 5pm yesterday, 28th June, 2018, in rainy weather. Directly in front of me, in an easterly direction, I saw a brilliant vertical rainbow. It was brilliant in colour and much brighter than photos of sundogs I have seen, and more complete. I was alone in the car and was unable to photograph it as I had my hands full on a busy, wet road. I then turned off to the left and lost sight of it.

  • Location: Jamisontown NSW. Time 6.45pm.
    Observation, A bright, round white light high in the sky equidistant from Jupiter and the Moon. The light, which was as bright if not slightly brighter than Jupiter moved slowly in a Southerly direction for 7 to 8 seconds before changing trajectory towards the South East for about 2 seconds and then abruptly fading to nothing. This was followed 30 seconds later by a flash of the same brightness and intensity as Jupiter and in closer proximity to Jupiter in the sky. The flash was witnessed by my daughter also. As we scanned the sky another object appeared to the SSW. It was shaded orange, not as bright as the last one, maybe half the luminosity and moving to the NW before also fading abruptly. My daughter also saw this object. I know we are on several corridors for aircraft but what I saw beared no similarity to planes we see on any given night. Any thoughts on what we might have seen?

  • 2am. Southern Illinois. Clear sky. Looking South and just very slightly east. Bright light. Brighter than any star in the sky. White-ish yellow but seemed as though there was an orange arrow pointed north coming from the main light. The arrow seemed to brighten and dim down every few min. At first I thought it was a jet, but I watched it for 15min and it did not make any linear movement. Almost seemed to sway back and forth slightly. Couldn’t really see any stars directly around it. Very weird.
    Was slightly above 45 degrees. Not quite 60

  • 92065 California usa : 3:32 am

    Im almost sure direct South Southern sky * possibly slight south east *
    45 degrees in the sky, stationary and 2nd brightest object ( partial moon lower to my left, south east was brightest ) has color of harvest moon yellow to orange..

    Planet ? Star?

    Thanks for reading

  • I was on a beach at cocoa beach fl. It was around 2am. I was looking south and the lights were going North. Ot was a very clear night with a almost full moon. I was on the beach and the lights seemed to be maybe 10 ft above the ground. Coming to me, took 10 mins or so. Going away took less then 5 secs. I saw 3 red lights directly above each other heading towards me very slowly. They got very close, looked almost close enough to touch, then they took off at a high rate of speed and disappeared.

    • Deb, As requested above please provide a location. We cannot interpret any light in the sky without this.

        • PS Andrew, your first message didn’t appear, so I wasn’t aware there was a problem ?
          Just to add, incidentally, … there was no sound. Pretty late at night, but I couldn’t see other aircraft, … and Ingleburn is a bit far out for the Vivid lights to be visible, especially given the way this blue light moved … ??‍♀️

  • Additional to my first message – the blue light appeared to be a single light. It appeared to be quite high, although I thought it descended slightly, approaching the south, … and it crossed the sky for a period of approximately five minutes. I was aware that if I had raced inside for my phone, it may have disappeared before I got back, and I doubt my phone would have taken a good enough photo or video, anyway

  • Last night (26/5/2018) in clear cool conditions, I saw a bright blue light which crossed the sky from NNW to SSE at about 11pm. As it approached the south it seemed to flash brighter blue, once, then three times, then once again. Any ideas?

  • May 23rd at approximately 3am. I looked up at the sky above Sydney and saw approximately 20 large white circlular objects which were alight floating and moving separately then forming a v shape. They then dispersed and moved to the side and then separated into circular lights hovering again. They appeared to be in a pattern formation. did anyone else view this?

    • Dominique, I’m sure these lights are part of the Vivid festival. Some light were active before Vivid opened on Friday 25 May (2018), particularly the lights from the casino (although they may not be part of Vivid). There must have been high cloud for the lights to reflect off.

  • May 23rd; Northbridge, Sydney
    There’s a ring of white specks in the sky over Sydney with a bright blue centre. I’m in Northbridge and the ring seems to extend South beyond the CBD and I see specks right above my coordinates on Sailor’s Bay Road. Hard to estimate but the diameter is probably 20-40 kms. First observed this at around 12 am and it’s still there at 1.10 am though the blue spot seems to have disappeared. They seem to be constant and unwavering. Is there somewhere I can upload a pic?

    • Ari, these are probably Vivid lights. See my answer above. You can upload photos to any public photo site and we can link to them from here.

  • Hi, my name is Corrado Di Stefano. Roughly nine years ago, in a Summer sunny morning at 8:45 am I was with my son, at “Darlinghurst PS”, NSW. We were waiting for the nine o’ clock bell: the beginning of the lessons. My son Patrick Joseph noticed something, right above the roof of the school, which has only two floors: ground and first floor. Then he pulled my shirt, in order to attract my attention; at an altitude – apparently not the huge – we observed a spheric mini-globe, made out of only pure light. A little Sun. I quickly turned my head and my eyes at 360^, checking for any possible explanations. Such as a reflection of the Sun, such as some big glass or big window, eventually causing that reflection. Nothing was on the way; the object at first was steady in the air, but in a fraction of a second moved with an acceleration, never reached in the Earth. Exactly at the light-speed!! But one more thing: the trajectory followed was not at all in direction up, or half-up. It was on a perfectly straight horizontal path; I was able to follow it up to his very quick disappearance. Well, no-way that a secret new American or Russian aircraft could do that. No-way that any gas or any vapour, left behind by airplanes, or returning satellites could ever have caused that. No-way of little pieces of rocks entering our atmosphere, and burning, could ever be the reason. That was an object, equipped with the ability of manouvres, able to stop, and to move to any direction. It was having a perfect rounded shape. His behaviour, his conduct and his path, were definitevely that one of a piloted aircraft, equipped with an incandescent protection shield. Thx Corrado & Patrick Joseph [Edited to remove some personal information – Moderator]

    • My son and I just witnessed the same exact thing. We live in a small rural area in Arkansas. We were looking in the sky at Jupiter and Venus when this light appeared out of nowhere, moved really fast HORIZONTALLY, disappeared. About 2 minutes later it reappeared, moved really fast and disappeared again.

  • Was driving home ( live in Wodonga Victoria ) 3rd of October 2015 saw a strange object (SE in directionj in the sky took photos and enlarged them on my computer the object changed in shape three times was only there for one night never returned . any ideas on what this could be ? Not sure how to post the photos on here but very interesting

  • At 142 Am in Poplar Bluff Mo 63901 from south moving north at a altitude well achieved by possibly International Space Station or possibly a bit lower traveling at a phenomenal amount of speed heading due north. The light emitting from fast-moving object is not its own life but I’m sure the light bouncing off of object that is sunlight and that is not any normal satellite speed possibly a high-altitude jet but I don’t think the white admitting was self a mini light from object. I clearly have no clue what I saw but that was so fast that’s a astronomer or a astronaut or someone that is a pilot would have been standing beside me at the same moment they would agree that them speeds this object was achieving was beyond phenomenal. I don’t think an object in Earth atmosphere to possibly travel that fast but then again we do have planes that hit Mach 3 and above. I’m still shocked from this event because that was just crazy fast and really would like to know what it was if anyone in my area has a fisheye lens camera or confined One recording the sky please point me in the right direction to study any film maybe I’m just not educated enough but I’m feel the need that this needs to be documented and reported because that was just way too fast

  • Did anyone else witness red lights in the sky?
    I’m seeing them right now, I’m in Sydney. There are 3 lots of them two close by and the other a bit further away. The brightest light has 3 to 4 smaller ones vertically below it, the one to the left of that has 3 below it and I can’t really see the other one. It keeps flickering in the distance. I tried to take a video of it but it doesn’t really show up on my phone. Only the brightest one on top shows up on the video. I wish I had a hand held camera to record it.

  • The sighting I had was on Harsens Island Mi. I was about 17 years old at the time. I was sitting down for dinner with my parents at our cottage. Our cottage is a small island, about 1 acre, located in the middle of a bay called Little Muskamoot bay. The kitchen table we were sitting at has a window that faces to the south and my chair I sat at looks directly out that window. Being that we were at our cottage we were having dinner quite late as it was past sunset but not quite completely dark yet. As I was eating I looked out the window and noticed a light coming from the southern horizen. I was curious because I couldn’t determine what it was, so I continued to watch it. The light was moving from the southern horizen towards our cottage and the longer I watched it the larger it became as it was moving closer in our direction. At this point I got up from the table and walked out our sliding glass door also facing that same direction. As I got outside and as the light was coming closer I realized that it wasn’t just one but multiple lights. I thought then it may have been a meteorite or meteor that I was seeing but quickly dismissed that thought as this was moving too slowly to be that. As the lights came very close to our cottage I could clearly see that there was a number of these (between 5 or 6 of them) and they were in a formation like you would see geese fly in, it was a very defined distinct V formation. The lights at this point resembled balls of fire as they were flying directly over my head at this point. I became very excited by now and was yelling for my mom and dad to come out and see what I was witnessing. They both answered but unfortunatly didn’t understand if they didn’t come quickly they would miss them. I stood there and watched them fly right over our cottage. As they flew over my head I had to go to the side of the house as the roof of the cottage was starting to obstruct my view. The lights or balls of fire flew in perfect formation and off into the northern horizen, which is Canada from my perspective. From the first moment I saw the one light until they disappeared to the north would have been counted in minutes. I would say 1 to 2 minutes. It wasn’t just a flash, it was more of a experience. My parents never even came out to see them, which was one thing I have often wished they did. I really would have liked for someone other than myself to have seen what I saw. The speed of these lights, turned balls of fire was fairly fast but no where near meteorite fast, and they were quite low in the sky. From my perspective they resembled the speed of a slow flying jet or something. It’s hard to say just how low they were but I would say they seemed to be the height of what you might see a light aircraft fly. I often think about this experience and have wondered exactly what I saw that night. Whatever it was it was NOT the normal things you could think of. It was definetly not a meteorite because nothing ever broke off of these objects as they went by,…and I don’t think it was 5 or 6 planes all on fire and in formation. Any information that anyone could give me would be great. I want to say this would have been 1994. It’s possible it may have been the year earlier or even a year after, but I believe it was 1994. This was during the summer since that’s the only time we went to our cottage.

    • I saw these exact same lights you speak of at the GOLD COAST in Qld. Australia with 3 other witnesses (one of which has passed away since) We were staying overnight on a small boat moored on the Western side of South Stradbroke Island on the Broadwater. It was just after Easter 1994 and at approximately just after midnight the 5 / 7 bright lights were flying completely in silence, overhead from the West South West to the East North East and in a perfect 120 degree “V” formation with the leading craft at the leading point /apex of the “V” directly on a straight path off and over the horizon.
      They appeared to be identical, spherical objects perhaps up to approximately 6 to 12 meters in diameter ( hard to gauge diameter as the it was difficult to estimate an altitude, though maybe the same or a little higher in altitude than a helicopter or light aircraft would travel ) They were all brilliant golden, orange in colour with faint, short, transparent following tails of the same colour. It was absolutely captivating and something that I frequently wonder about and an experience I shall never forget even though it only seem to last one or two minutes.
      At first I thought it may have been a squadron of helicopters as they approached but as the objects glided over at maybe 300 to 500km/H, the spherical lights, as mentioned above, were far to large for navigation lights and why would a squadron of Helicopters be flying out over the Pacific Ocean particularly when their range is particularly limited ? The objects were definitely not conventional aircraft and did not admit one single sound which was the weirdest thing because it was an extremely quiet, calm and clear night.
      It was truly amazing.

  • Location: 3 miles SE (132 degrees) from KFFC airport (N33 21 W084 34)
    Observed Bright Flash
    Date: May 6, 2018
    Time: approximately 0530 eastern time or 0930 Zulu
    85 degrees NNW
    Very clear
    Unrelated, I observed two instances of debris burning up on entry with NW trajectories prior to the flash and two more after the flash all within a 12 minute time period as evidenced by the hot tub timer.

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