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Lang Walker Family Academy

Powerhouse: Future Space

Active in 2022 In-school program

Powerhouse: Future Space connects Stage 5 students from six Western Sydney local government areas to the International Space Station and a global network of learners through the ExoLab-10 mission.

The 2022 mission ‘Carbon Farmer’ uses scientific enquiry to teach students about the importance of the carbon cycle on Earth and in space. Students will become climate change solutionaries by experimenting with growing alfalfa in the classroom. By conducting their own ground trials in line with an active experiment on board the International Space Station they can compare data on effective methods for growing crops in microgravity to sustain future space missions and help filter carbon dioxide from the air for astronauts on long space flights.

The Powerhouse: Future Space schools include Arthur Phillip High School, Casula High School, East Hills Girls Technology High School, Hurlstone Agricultural High School, Jamison High School and Seven Hills High School with additional schools Murrumbidgee Regional High School and Maitland Grossmann High School.

This program will be delivered in tandem with the Powerhouse: Design For Space Challenge as part of the newly developed department approved elective iSTEM. Maitland Grossmann High School and Murrumbidgee Regional High School will be involved in a virtual pilot of the program.

Powerhouse: Future Space is developed in partnership by Powerhouse, Magnitude.io and the NSW Department of Education, with support from Fizzics Education and presented as part of the Lang Walker Family Academy In-Schools Program.