Sydney Science Festival

The Powerhouse put together an online program in 2020, featuring a series of Livestream events with guest speakers, video content and related articles.

Facebook Livestream: With our Astronomy Ambassador Karlie Noon

Take a tour of the sky with our Astronomy Ambassador Karlie Noon. A series of Facebook Livestream events were held in 2020! These were FREE events hosted on Sydney Observatory’s Facebook Page. See the highlights of the Southern Sky from our telescopes and see the Moon and stars like never before. Explore deep space and travel light years to see the jewel box, double star systems and other interstellar objects.


Last month NASA launched the Mars 2020 Mission and sent the newest rover Perseverance on her journey to explore Mars. Expected to arrive in February, Perseverance continues the search for life in the ancient lake Jezero Crater. Hear from Australian Astrobiologist Bonnie Teece (Australian Centre for Astrobiology, UNSW) as she discusses the mission and Australia’s leading role.

Video Conference: Australia to Mars, Dr Adrian Brown's role in the Mars 2020 mission

A FREE video conference was held on 24 August 2020, 10am to 11am as we look for answers to the greatest question of all: are we alone? This 50–minute webinar was aimed at students in upper primary levels and was hosted by NASA’s Dr Adrian Brown as he explored the connection between the rocks of Mars and those of the Pilbara in Western Australia.

Read the latest Monthly Sky Guide blog

Whether you live in the city, or have access to the pristine dark skies of regional Australia, there’s a lot you can see at night. In August, Jupiter and Saturn are bright and high in the Eastern sky and the best time to see the Moon is a few days either side of the 26th, during the first quarter phase. Learn what stars and constellations are visible in the Southern Sky and where to find the planets all from your own backyard.


See some of the winning images from the 2019 David Malin Awards – now touring regional NSW. Hear from Sydney Observatory curator Andrew Jacob as he discusses the astronomical features of the winning photos by Australia’s talented astrophotographers.

On board the International Space Station with Flight Controller Andrea Boyd

Meet the Australian Flight Controller Andrea Boyd! Working for the European Space Agency, Andrea works with astronauts to conduct science experiments aboard the International Space Station. Learn what a day in her life is like and more about her inspiring career in space.

Sydney Observatory Residency Program

The inaugural Sydney Observatory Residency Program provides a supportive environment for researchers and creatives to undertake a project relating to the Observatory’s disciplines, collection and programs. Residencies are open to established and emerging academic researchers, artists, scientists and creative organisations, with collaborations and interdisciplinary collaborations between art and science encouraged.

Find out more or register an Expression of Interest here.

Sydney Science Trail

From teeny tiny adventures in the microverse, to a deep-dive into underwater robotics, to a scavenger hunt across Australia and live-panel discussions with some of the country’s biggest names in science such as Dr Karl and Tim Flannery, Sydney Science Trail has an out-of-this-world virtual expedition for budding young scientists. Join the virtual quest, exploring essential areas of science – from earth, plants, and animals, to technology and space.