Mark NAIDOC Week, 4 – 11 July, at the Powerhouse with film screenings, talks by First Nations artists and a visit to the major new exhibition Eucalyptusdom.

4 July

We Don't Need A Map


Ever since colonisation The Southern Cross has been claimed, appropriated and hotly-contested for ownership by a radical range of Australian groups. But for Aboriginal people, the meaning of this heavenly body is deeply spiritual. And just about completely unknown. One of Australia’s leading film-makers, Warwick Thornton, tackles this fiery subject head-on in this bold, poetic essay-film. We Don’t Need a Map asks questions about where the Southern Cross sits in the Australian psyche.

5 July



Elders is based on a true story about a 4-year-old boy who must find his way home at the behest of his grandparents.

6 July

The Saltwater Story


Upon becoming a father, award-winning author Benjamin Allmon realised he knew nothing of the indigenous history of his home, the land of the Saltwater People, to teach his son. So he embarked on a voyage of discovery that led him further than he ever expected.

7 July

Occcupation: Native


The Aboriginal story is often buried deep beneath the accepted 250-year Australian historical narrative. It's not that the Australian story is wrong, it's just that it's a wee bit one-sided. Aboriginal filmmaker Trisha Morton-Thomas, bites back at Australian history in this inspired satire.

8 July

MABO: Life of an Island Man


Mabo - Life of an Island Man is the story of a small island and an extraordinary man. Eddie Koiki Mabo was born on Murray Island in the Torres Strait, but lived most of his life in exile. Only after his death did the island wholeheartedly welcome him home. By then the island and Eddie, between them, had changed the legal and political landscape of Australia.

9 July

Welcome To Country


Tony is a hot-shot public servant deeply embedded in the Canberran way of life. Sent to the remote Aboriginal community of Gammon, his mission is to prepare the town for a visit by the prime minister and to reveal the government’s 'brilliant plan' guaranteed to fix the Aboriginal community's problem once and for all.

10 July

11 July

Teach A Man To Fish

11 July 2021, 2pm

Grant Leigh Saunders is an Aboriginal filmmaker, writer and musician who has secretly always wanted to be a fisherman, just like his father and grandfather before him. This fishing yarn is set against the backdrop of the beautiful Manning River in central New South Wales.