Expansion of Museums Discovery Centre

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment

The Powerhouse Museum sought registration from local Aboriginal groups and people with respect to a proposed development. The project site is the expansion of the Museums Discover Centre at 2 Green Road, Castle Hill.

The expansion of Museums Discovery Centre is a museum (information and education facility) that has a capital investment value in excess of $30 million and as such the DA is submitted to the Minister for Planning pursuant to Part 4 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. The project will therefore be exempt from the requirements for an Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit (AHIP) in accordance with Section 90 of the NSW Parks and Wildlife Act 1974.

This application will deliver expanded cultural facilities within Castle Hill building upon the existing Museums Discover Centre. The SSD DA seeks consent for expanded facilities as a single stage comprising: site preparation works, construction of the proposed new ‘Building’, construction of new vehicle access ways and subdivision of the proposed site.

The Powerhouse Museum invites local Aboriginal people who hold cultural knowledge relevant to determining the significance of Aboriginal object(s) and/or places in the area of the proposed expansion of Museums Discovery Centre to register an interest in a process of community consultation.

Registered were sent to the Powerhouse Museum by 27 August 2020. For more information please use the contact details below.

1800 743 436 (during business hours)
500 Harris Street, Ultimo, NSW, 2007