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Spend the School Holidays in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

November 21, 2018

STAR WARSTM Identities announces School Holiday workshops

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Young Padawans will have much to learn this summer School Holiday at the Powerhouse Museum, with a series of exhilaratingly educational workshops as part of STAR WARS TM Identities. Budding Jedi Knights of all ages can stay entertained throughout the school break, with everything from crafting their own droids to creating top motion films with their own characters (17 Dec 2018 – 24 Jan 2019).

STAR WARSTM Identities: The Exhibition will open at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney on 16 November 2018 and run until 10 June 2019. Tickets are now on sale for sessions through to the end of February 2019 at

Plus explore the Forces in our world in FREE FOR KIDS daily activities. From air resistance force to muscular force to gravitational force, complete a series of challenges using physics, technology and your ingenuity! Create and prototype a flying creation and test it out in big wind tubes. Move magnets to draw and make your own designs at magnetic tables. Explore tension as you squeeze through our tension walls. 22 Dec – 29 Jan, (Ages 5 – 12).

Book for full day holiday workshops:

• littleBits Droid Inventor: Ever wanted to build your very own R2-D2 or C-3PO? This workshop will introduce kids to innovative design tool littleBits, with easily snap together working lights, switches and buzzers to build their own droids. Kids will also learn about Artificial Intelligence, and what it really means to be a robot. 17 Dec 2018, 7, 17, 24 Jan 2019 @ 10am -4pm (Ages 7 – 8).

• Star Wars Special Effects: Create your own signature sound effect for a special power of your own! In this workshop, recreate classic special effects using creative cloud and other technologies, and learn how certain sounds are crucial to the identities of their favourite characters. 18 Dec 2018, 3, 10, 14 Jan 2019 @ 10am -4pm (Ages 11 – 13).

• Craft Wars: Let your inner craft-maker travel to a galaxy far, far away and let their imaginations go wild. Armed with thermoplastics, cutter printers, articulated joints and mechanisms, participants will create their own Star Wars identity from scratch in this exciting workshop. 19 Dec 2018, 3, 7, 16, 21 Jan 2019 @ 10am -4pm (Ages 8 – 10).

• Cosplay Design Principles: What’s a great character without their own signature item? From lightsabers to personalised emblems, this workshop will guide kids through designing and crafting their own personalized props based on the Star Wars universe. Using thermoplastics and heat guns, participants can take their newly-created designs home with them. 8, 22 Jan 2019 @ 10am -4pm (Ages 10 – 12).

• Stop Motion Extravaganza: This one-day workshop will guide kids through storyboarding their own film, then bringing it to life using paper, clay, and Star Wars Lego. Learning stop-motion animation techniques popularized by the Wallace and Gromit film series. The skills they gain will be transferrable to any stop animation software, and clay characters can be taken home. 11, 15, 22 Jan 2019 @ 10am -4pm (Ages 7 – 9).